Music Mate, for use with the Google Play Music™ app and service

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Formerly known as Cloud Music Importer, if you purchased it previously from the Google Play Store™, under the old name, your license is still valid and enables unlimited use of the app. Contact us to learn how to transfer your license.

It’s your music; play it however you want.

This app is for use with the Google Play Music™ app and service. You must have a Google Play Music account and have the app install on your device and properly setup in order to use this app. This app will connect to your account and allow you to download music and playlists from the Google Play Music service, into your local device library so you can play it in any media player.

There are plenty of other music players in the market that are better than the Google Play Music player. Many also integrate with AM/FM stations and internet radio. Now you can play your Google Play Music media in those players too.

Main Features:

  • Artwork tagging is native. No need for remote queries or yet another app to find the artwork.
  • Download monitor and background import process. .
  • Imports playlists too. The playlist name shows up in your other players, pointing to the newly imported music.
  • Automatically discovers all sdcards. Saves to the external card by default.
  • Imported music is instantly made known to the device. No need to reboot or unmount/remount sdcards for the device to discover it.
  • It’s App2SD compatible.

Why you need this app:
The media provider service within Android can’t see the music downloaded by the Google Play Music app. Even if it could, the file names are meaningless and they don’t have any ID3 tags. Your device has no knowledge of what the song title is, what album it belongs to, what track number it is, not even the artist – except in their app. The files are just raw music. For all those reasons, you can’t play those files properly in any other music player except the Google Play Music player.

This app downloads the same raw music file but, applies the proper ID3 tags and artwork, saves the files to your sdcard, and updates the Media Provider. All your imported music will be available to any music player installed on the device.

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