About Us

Our primary aim is to help businesses embrace mobile technology. We create solutions that allow businesses to reach out to their mobile customers or extend company resources to their mobile workforce. We can architect complete mobile solutions or individual pieces to a larger puzzle.

Our clients typically want broad acceptance and usability, so we target all the major mobile platforms – both mobile phones and tablets. Where required, we can also deliver to less dominant platforms. While users continue to prefer native applications, we recognize the benefit that mobile websites can bring to our clients and can deliver those too.

We also make our capabilities open to individuals. We know that there are individuals out there who have ideas for mobile apps, but don’t know how to develop them and get them out to the public. If you are one of those people, give us a call or email us. We can offer guidance to you at no cost. If your idea is unique and has some market value, we can offer a partnership with you to bring it to market.

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